Why do we need to download SenseCAP Hotspot App?

The Original Helium App no longer supports managing manufacturers’ Hotspots. SenseCAP Hotspot App can manage SenseCAP MX Hotspot as the Helium App and provides more detailed information and comprehensive functions about your hotspot. Helium Announcement here.

Does SenseCAP Hotspot App need to enter the Helium wallet 12 seed words?

No, SenseCAP App log in with SenseCAP Dashboard account and add Helium wallet by DeepLink to Helium App or enter Helium wallet address.

Can I onboard a SenseCAP MX Hotspot to my Helium wallet via SenseCAP Hotspot App?

This can be done with the latest version of the SenseCAP App.

Can I manage another maker hotspot on SenseCAP Hotspot App?

SenseCAP App only supports adding SenseCAP MX Hotspot to helium, but we provide all maker hotspot information such as basic info, reward, activity, location, etc.

Can SenseCAP Hotspot App Manage multiple wallets?

Multi-wallet management is under development, when it is ready we will be happy to inform you.

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