Supported Decentralized Networks



Weather XM


SenseCAP & Helium

SenseCAP M1 & M2 & M4 are Helium hotspots with high-performance and rich features that help users to earn the cryptocurrency HNT. These hotspots are designed and born to build the decentralized wireless LoRaWAN® network infrastructure.

LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.

SenseCAP & Flux

SenseCAP M4 Square – FluxNode is a CUMULUS FluxNode powered by FluxOS. With powerful hardware design, it supports potential extensions for other web 3.0 dAPPs. Featured with no code seamless set up, it enables you to deploy the FluxNode in scale and build your own decentralized computational network. Stable rewards will be provided by Flux.

More web3 applications will be released gradually in the SenseCAP dApp Center, so users can download apps to build their own web3 network.


SenseCAP & Weather XM

WeatherXM is a community powered weather network, that rewards weather station owners and provides accurate weather services to Web3 enterprises. WeatherXM creates an entirely new weather data economy that rewards the people who deploy and maintain weather stations. WXM is currently implemented in Polygon mumbai testnet as an ERC20 token rewarding the closed beta user group


Devices Shipped

SenseCAP Cloud Services

SenseCAP Hotspot App

SenseCAP Hotspot App is an all-in-one App that helps users purchase, deploy, and manage their Web 3.0 devices (Helium, Flux, and more).


dApp Center

SenseCAP team builds a multi-application web3 and IoT dApp Center. users can download dapps on demand, construct their own web3 and IoT gateways and earn benefits at the same time


SenseCAP Dashboard

An efficient way to manage your SenseCAP devices and rewards, SenseCAP Dashbaord provides the most up-to-date info on your hotspots from devices, blockchain. .


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