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SenseCAP team is committed to building a web 3.0 dApp Center that allows users to easily download and deploy multiple dApps. With the SenseCAP dApp Center, you will enjoy a no code seamless decentralized application experience, and SenseCAP will continue to release more high-quality dApps to provide users with richer and more variety of choices.

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A device is designed to run multiple Web 3.0 dApp


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The Flux Cloud is a People-Powered Network to help you build decentralized applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and censorship resistance


Total Nodes

279.48 TB

Total RAM


Total Cores

7,433 PT

Total SSD


By deploying a simple device in your home or office, you can provide your city with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and earn rewards.


Total Hotspot


Circulating HNT Supply


The Flux Cloud is a People-Powered Network to help you build decentralized applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and censorship resistance


Active Nodes

1 Petabyte

Network Traffic Served


Participating Countries


Active Sessions Daily

dApps Specification

Helium Hotspot
Mysterium(Coming Soon)
Reward Monthly
About $5
About $6
About $5
About $6
Reward Cycle
Less than 1 month
Less than 1 month
Node MYST Balance ≥ 5
Supported Hardware
SenseCAP M4 Square
SenseCAP M1
Additional Cost
Service Fee
$1.99 per quarter
Official Active Fee
One-time charge $1 by Mysterium
1000 Flux Token
1000 Flux Token

NEW SenseCAP M4 Square - FluxNode

Plug and Play– no code experience that enables users to finish deployment CUMULUS FluxNode with 4 steps.

Support Multiple Apps – support deploy multiple applications.

Cloud Service – one-stop cloud service to help users install, deploy, manage, and monitor their devices.

Excellent Performance – powered by Intel® Celeron® J4125 (Frequency: 2.0 – 2.7GHz) with 4 cores and 4 threads

High-security authentication, and reliable connectivity – built-in TPM2.0 cryptographic processor and ECC608 crypto chip

Low Power Consumption – 10w low power consumption, 7.2 kWh per month, estimated cost $1.008 per month (global average kWh price of $0.144/per kWh).

SenseCAP provides high-uptime, enterprise-grade hardware and one-stop cloud service to support the FluxNodes infrastructure. Featured with Easy-to-Deploy and Remote-Management, SenseCAP is your ideal first step to join Flux Community.

The FluxOS is powered by FluxNode infrastructure run by individual Flux holders. FluxNodes are geographically-spaced all over the world, so developers can be assured that their apps are accessible by users at all times and locations.

Collaborate for Web3.0 dApps

SenseCAP dApp Center is an open platform, we welcome all kinds of Web3.0 project parties to cooperate with us to develop and promote high quality dApps, and work with you to build more secure, reliable and easy-to-use dApps.

If you are interested in our dApp Center and would like to work with us to promote the development of Web3.0 technology, please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to working with you in more depth.


SenseCAP Cloud Services

SenseCAP Hotspot App

SenseCAP Hotspot App is an all-in-one App that helps users purchase, deploy, and manage their Web 3.0 devices (Helium, Flux, and more).

SenseCAP Dashboard

An efficient way to manage your SenseCAP devices and rewards, SenseCAP Dashbaord provides the most up-to-date info on your hotspots from devices, blockchain. .

Hardwares for dApps

SenseCAP M4 Square-FluxNode

SenseCAP M4 Square-FluxNode is a plug-and-play FluxNode powered by FluxOS, supporting potential extensions of other dAPPs such as Mysterium and earnap. also supports Helium via Helium kit


SenseCAP M4 Square-FluxNode and Helium

SenseCAP M4 Square is a device designed to run multiple Web 3.0 Apps. Now SenseCAP M4 Square-FluxNode and Helium supports the deployment of CUMULUS FluxNode and Helium Light Hotspot without license .
Mysterium and earnapp can also be deployed with licenses down to $1.99/quarter.


SenseCAP M4 Square Helium Kit

SenseCAP M4 Square Helium Kit is used to extend the SenseCAP M4 Square-FluxNode to be a Helium light hotspot, 
enabling your SenseCAP M4 Square to deploy both FluxNode and Helium light hotspot.


License for dApps

Mysterium License-Valid until 2023-09-30

Duration: 2023-09-30


Mysterium License-90 days

Duration: 90 days


Mysterium License-365 days

Duration: 365 days