Distributor Questions

How do Distributors work?

You can find a list of distributors here or you can buy the device directly through Seeed Studio here.

When will I be able to buy a SenseCAP M1?

To find the most recent information about new releases follow our social media at:

Who can I email for a bulk purchase inquiry?

[email protected]

Do you sell bundles?

We have accessories, but for now, they will be sold as separate products. We will be considering selling bundles in the future.

Will those in Canada, India or other countries be able to purchase and use the hotspots (US915/EU868)?

The hardware device’s specification is in the range of 902Mhz ~ 928Mhz / 863Mhz ~ 870Mhz. So technically, the device is functional in countries using this bandwidth/frequency, however, the product has to go through specific certifications to be allowed to enter different markets.

We will look into different certifications and if there are any updates, we will keep you posted!

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