Warranty Policy

SenseCAP MX Warranty Terms

Limited Warranty

1.1 SenseCAP MX Series products come with a limited warranty for 12 months as of the date of delivery. Generally, the Limited Warranty shall be started from the date of delivery, specifically includes:

(1) For the customers purchased from Seeed’s online shop, the date of delivery is subject to the status of “delivered” reflected in the corresponding tracking number of each shipment;

(2) For the customers from Seeed’s authorized distributors, the date of delivery shall be applied to the date when such Products have been delivered to their authorized distributors. If such customers can provide proof of purchase from the distributor that includes purchasing date, order item and product SN,  the limited warranty shall be started from the end-user purchasing date from the Seeed legimated distributor.

1.2 SenseCAP MX will provide economic effort to replace or repair the product free of charge if the defects are caused due to reasons related to raw materials, designation, or manufacturing process during the warranty period.

1.3 SenseCAP MX will repair, replace the product under reasonable charges to the customer if the product defects are not caused due to reasons related to raw materials, designation, or manufacturing process and meet this Warranty Terms during the warranty period.

1.4 SenseCAP MX will repairs, replace the defective product, or provide on-site technical support for products exceeding the warranty period at reasonable fees.

1.5 The SenseCAP products should be purchased from Seeed’s online shop or Seeed’s authorized distributors. A copy of the original proof of purchase must be presented to validate the date of purchase and authorized purchasing channel.

1.6 The Limited Warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product and cannot be transferred.

1.7 Products provided as replacements under the Return Material Authorization((also referred to as “RMA”)) service will continue under the original product’s warranty at the original start date. The warranty date will not change or reset due to any RMA service performed.

1.8 Customer’s purchase of SenseCAP products shall be deemed as approval of these terms.

1.9 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd.( (also referred to as “Seeed”)) reserves the right of final interpretation of this Warrant Terms.

 Exclusions and Limitations

2.1 This warranty does not cover defects resulting from:

(1) Failure to follow operating instructions;

(2) Improper or unreasonable use or maintenance;

(3) Unauthorized attempts to repair, alteration, modification of original condition;

(4) Replace any software;

(5) Accident, fire, liquid damage, lightning, extreme temperature, excess moisture, insects;

(6) Connections to improper voltage supply, power surges;

(7) Use with other third parties’ products; using SenseCAP products with power sources that did not come with the device voids the warranty. All third-party power adapters and POE adapters are “use at your own risk”;

(8) Use with any enclosures or in harsh environments that exceeded the product’s specification or other hazards;

(9) The product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country other than the country for which it was designed, manufactured, approved and/or authorized, or repair of products damaged by these modifications;

(10) Damages caused by inadequate packing or shipping procedures;

(11) Products exceed the warranty period.

2.2 Products purchased from any unauthorized third-party, auction sites, or purchased as secondhand or used, do not carry any warranty.

2.3 SenseCAP products received through promotions, contests, giveaways, or sponsorships, are not covered under warranty.

2.4 Products not branded with Seeed but purchased from Seeed are also subject to coverage under the customer’s protection laws. However, they are not covered by the Seeed limited warranty.

2.5 Seeed does not warrant that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. The Limited Product Warranty does not cover software embedded and related services provided by Seeed and any third-party, if any.

2.6 Nor shall Seeed in any circumstances be liable for lost profits or other indirect incidental, consequential, punitive, special, or exemplary damages.

2.7 Unless otherwise expressly stipulated in a particular agreement or purchase order, SenceCAP MX makes no warranty of fitness, suitability or merchantability of the product for any particular purpose or special circumstance.

Warranty Process

3.1 Warranty claims will be serviced through the repair or replacement of the defective product. If non-conforming products are provided, or the products show defects that were not caused by the customer or a third party during the applicable warranty period, Seeed, at its own discretion, shall either (i) remedy the defect, or (ii) replace the defective product with a new or refurbished product free of charge.

3.2 Such warranty shall be subjected to the following conditions if Customer would return to repair or replace any defective product:

(1) a written request or report to Seeed in the official support channel from receipt of shipments and Seeed has received such defects or non-conformities within thirty (30) days after such defects occurred or have known;

(2) such defects will be assessed internally by SenseCAP technical support and confirm whether the Customer should be obtained the Return Material Authorizations (RMA) from Seeed or not. No returns will be accepted without having previously obtained a return authorization;

(3) If any defective product is requested to return, Customer shall return the defective products to Seeed’s designated place as set forth in RMA in its original packages(including all the accessories) with its receipt and a small note for the reason for the return. The note will help us to serve you better and improve our products.

(4) The returned package must be indicated with a valid RMA number and product Serial Number (SN) and shipping with a shipping tracking number. Returns without an RMA number and a Product Serial Number (SN) will be rejected and returned at the buyer’s expense.

3.3 RMA process will be denied for any products which do not conform to the above-mentioned conditions.

Processing Time

4.1 For repair cases, Unless there are special circumstances, the repair is supposed to be completed within 20 working days after Seeed received the return package.

4.2 For replacement cases, Unless there are special circumstances, the return shipment will be arranged within 5 working days after the returned defective device package has been received by Seeed.

4.3 Seeed will arrange a certain percentage of product amount in order to fulfill the need of RMA. Under very special circumstances, if there is any material or product shortage, Seeed will ask the Customer consensus to replace with the equivalent item or extend the processing time.


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