Warranty Policy

SenseCAP LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway comes with one year of product warranty. You may contact your distributor or manufacturer if you encounter any product quality problems. Please click this link to find detailed warranty information.

For technical issues, it is highly recommended to join the discussion Official SenseCAP MX Community on Discord, where you can find more information and technical support. You may also visit https://support.sensecapmx.com/ to open a support ticket.

You could also email [email protected] and provide as much information as possible and accurately describe your problem and steps so we may try to replicate it.

Warranty Statement

SenseCAP M1 follows No Return, No Refund policy except for quality defects.

SenseCAP MX guarantees to provide accurate descriptions and high-quality products. If customers have any problems with any executed purchase order, please notify SenseCAP MX within 30 days from the date of shipment. Please do not register to Helium and assert location until you make sure the device is working good, or it will cause unnecessary loss on the registered and asserting fee, which is not refundable.

Warranty Scope

The warranty process will only be provided to those products that are purchased from Seeed Online Store and Seeed indicated legitimate distributors. The warranty process should be initiated with proof of purchase and legitimate order numbers.

Devices purchased from any individuals and third parties such as Amazon, eBay will not be covered in the warranty policy.

Please make sure you buy the product through legal channels to get a proper warranty.

Warranty Period General Term

The Warranty Period of the product sold by SenseCAP MX is 12 months as of the date of delivery. SenseCAP MX will provide economic effort to replace or repair the product free of charge if the defects are caused due to reasons related to raw materials, designation, or manufacturing process. SenseCAP MX will repair, replace the product under reasonable charges to the customer if the product defects meet this Warranty Policy. SenseCAP MX will repairs, replace the defective product, or provide on-site technical support for products exceeding the warranty period on reasonable fees.


SenseCAP MX will refuse to provide warranty promises if:

  1. Products have been beyond the warranty period; or
  2. Defections are due to wrong use, un-proper maintenance or storage, or breach of user guides or menu provided by SenseCAP MX; or
  3. Defections are results of Force majeure, which shall mean any acts of law, natural disaster, war, riots, strikes, insurrections, tsunami, typhoon, earthquake, terrorism,
    governmental sanctions, legislation changes, or
  4. any similar event beyond such party’s reasonable control; or
  5. The customer has conducted repair actions to the products.
  6. For those specific products as notified to Customer expressly, in cases that the product is free from any Quality Defect and the product package has been opened by Customer.

No returns will be accepted without having previously obtained a return authorization. All returns must be in their original mint and clean condition. Returns on damaged, scratched, programmed, burnt, or otherwise ‘played with’ products will not be accepted. The product must then be returned in its original packaging with its receipt and a small note for the reason for the return. The note will help us to serve you better and improve our products. Reimbursement will be denied for any products which do not conform to the above-mentioned conditions.

The customer shall cover the cost of returning the product and need to pay for shipping (if you want a refund instead of a replacement). Shipping fees will only be refunded if the return is a result of a shipping error on SenseCAP MX’s part.

Processing Time

For repair cases, the repair is supposed to be completed within 20 working days after we received the return package.

For replacement cases, we will arrange the shipment in 5 working days after we receive the returned defective device package.

For replacement parts cases, we will arrange the shipment in 5 working days after the tech support ticket is completed.

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