SenseCAP Hotspot App Hotspot bulter for you

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Amazing Features

Easy Setup

Easily add SenseCAP Hotspot to Helium and manage all your hotspots

Visual Dashboard

Overview of your wallet, hotspots, and rewards.
Reward trend/ratio/ranking at your fingertip

Comprehensive Hotspot Info

Provide comprehensive and detailed information about your Helium hotspots

Monitoring & Notification

Solve problems with your monitoring hotspot's status and rewards

One-Stop Services

All your needs in one App
Purchase, tech support, and more!

More Than a Maker

More functions to be released (stay tuned!)
Wallet activities/ notifications/ multi-wallet management etc.

More About Hotspot

1 Add Hotspot to Helium
2 Hotspot Activity and Witness
3 Remote Reboot Hotspot
4 Validator Information

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