The blue LED didn’t blink after power on


  1. Check if the ETH LED is blinking. If ETH green and yellow light are on and the blue LED off, that would be a hardware defect issue.
  2. If the green and yellow LED is off either, try to make sure the power adapter is good. You may check by replacing it with a 5V-3A phone charger with the type-C cable to see if the problem is solved.
  3. If the hotspot connects internet via Wi-Fi, please check if the red light is on through the front panel, if not, that would be a hardware defect issue.


Why “No Hotspots Found :(” is shown on the Helium app?



  1. Check the blue LED first, it should be in slow flashing mode.
  2. If not, that indicates your SenseCAP M1 doesn’t enable Bluetooth configuration mode. Check with your hotspot and mobile phone to make sure Bluetooth has been turned on.
  3. Press the button on the back of SenseCAP M1 for 6-10 seconds to enable SenseCAP M1’s configuration mode, you will find the blue LED turns to slow flash mode(flash 1 time every 2 seconds), then scan the hotspot again.


The device was disconnected when pairing via Bluetooth. 


A compatible issue occurs when you are using a Samsung Phone newer than S9. Please try to connect with another phone or tablet.


Can not register the Hotspot on Helium APP


  1. If you register your hotspot right after you connect Ethernet or Wi-Fi, you will see this error since the OTA is running.
  2. You should just leave your hotspot connected to Ethernet or Wi-Fi for another 10+ mins, waiting for it to finish the firmware OTA.
  3. Long press the button for 6-10s to enter configuration mode and then try to register again.


No onboarding key found


Please go to SenseCAP MX Discord, send your hotspot SN(serial number) to tech support in the #troubleshooting room


How to find SN of my device?

There is a label on the bottom of the device.

How to find ETH MAC of my device?

There is a label on the bottom of the device.

How to run diagnostics

A diagnostic report will help a lot on debugging, it will show P2P status, blockchain sync progress, firmware, and other info.


How to Forget your Wi-Fi profile

If you already connected the Wi-Fi firstly, and then connect the Ethernet cable for a stable connection and want the Hotspot only works via Ethernet. You have to remove and forget the current Wi-Fi.  Unplug your ethernet cable and finish the below steps, and then you could reconnect the ethernet cable to connect to the internet.

How to resolve the “Relayed” issue?

If your hotspot is under Relayed status, this is not healthy and the rewards may reduce.



Updated on August 7, 2021