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Unsatisfactory earnings of your Helium hotspot? Not sure how to match various types of equipment to maximize rewards and maintain stability? Here is the experience sharing from our community members you exactly need!

This post is contributed by one of our Show Your Setup Event winners, mfaith#4970, who is the holder of the Helium hotspot that has been ranked in the top 50 highest rewards hotspots worldwide several times. It might be useful in answering your questions and improving your hotspots’ rewards!

——— Start ———

I reluctantly admit that when I started my Helium journey and ordered my first hotspots, my motivation was centered around the HNT rewards.  After a year into the journey, I have learned that my most valuable rewards were not in the form of HNT.  Instead, I earned copious amounts of patience, witnessed lots of humility beacons, improved my emotional intelligence range, tested the limits of my passion and reinforced the bounds of common sense; all of which has proven to be far greater of a reward than the HNT in my wallet.  Helium is a stew of opportunity for someone like me who knows just enough tech to be dangerous, but eager to build upon life-skills to better myself as a person, father, husband, brother, coworker & friend.

My strategy from the beginning has always been quality locations over quantity of locations.  In the few months it took to receive my first hotspots in early 2021, I did a lot of reading and listening.  I researched topographical maps of my surrounding area, digested, read all of Gristle King’s resources, asked lots of questions and immersed myself in any LoRa literature I could find to better my understanding of the network goals.  The front-end work paid off and my first hotspot deployments proved the model – expand the network with meaningful coverage and be rewarded proportionately.  Over the past year, I continued pushing the geographical boundaries in search of sub 4 TS 1s which has been a rewarding process for all the reasons I previously mentioned.  I also began deploying weather sensors around my area so I can become better versed in the true use-case of the network and keep the data flowing through my hotspots.

Sure, I have learned a lot about what gear works best but at the end of the day, the equipment didn’t walk itself up mountain peaks at 4am to deploy off-grids, secure a mast to a rooftop or articulate to my neighbors the value of the Helium network.  However, the gear does need to work so for that, here are my suggestions based on actual use:


Favorite Hotspot = SenseCAP M1– ease of operation, remote diagnostics and UPTIME

I love outdoor setups with POE on 30 foot telescopic flagpoles mounted to roofs (or tree-tops), attics (if lumber/asphalt shingles) and for those real adventures, off-grid rigs.  I keep my setups simple since after all, a good location supersedes a good rig.  No science needed for how to mount your antenna – outdoors and as high as possible.

And here is my detailed setups:

POE setups =

  • Sensecap M1
  • Qilipsu enclosures
  • TP Link TL-SG1005P PoE switch
  • UCTRONICS PoE Splitter
  • Outdoor rated Cat 6 ethernet cable
  • WeValor 30-foot telescopic Flag Pole or tree-top
  • LMR 400
  • McGill 7.5dbi/Signal Plus 5.8 dbi/Rak 8 dbi

Off-Grid Setups =

  • Sensecap M1
  • Qilipsu enclosure
  • Ecoworthy 50ah Lifepo4 battery
  • 100 watt Renogy solar panel
  • Victron charge controller
  • Custom fabricated aluminum stand
  • DC Buck Module
  • Homree Step down converter
  • RUT240 router/ATT SIM
  • McGill 7.5dbi & Signalplus 5.8dbi

And this is my rewards stats. Not bad, is it?

——— End ———

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