SenseCAP M1 Now Supports Myst Nodes for Dual Mining

Hey, community, 
We’ve been working closely with some community members to test the  Myst Nodes dApp on SenseCAP M1 Helium Hotspots. And now, we’re excited to share that the dApp is available for all SenseCAP M1 owners to deploy for dual mining via our SenseCAP dAPP Center

By partnering with the Mysterium team, we’re offering this dApp that enables your SenseCAP M1 to provide dVPN to the fast-growing Mysterium network and earn dual cryptocurrencies with one device to increase your passive revenue.

Mysterium is a decentralized, open-source protocol and network designed to provide a secure and private VPN service. Powered by distributed MystNode (which powers and maintains the distributed network, providing VPN services and secure communication lines), it enables users to access the open internet and communicate securely. By leveraging blockchain technology and peer-to-peer architecture, Mysterium aims to offer a censorship-resistant, privacy-focused VPN solution that is accessible to everyone, regardless of location or technical expertise.

Surprise Gift: 5 MYST & Free Trail for Early Birds

There is another big surprise for those early birds who read on! To celebrate the partnership, we’re offering a FREE Trial License for all SenseCAP M1 hotspot owners to mine MYST (Mysterium’s token). The trial license expires on May 23, 2024, so make sure to deploy the MystNode dApp soon. Moreover, the Mysterium team offers 5 MYST for all SenseCAP M1 owners onboarded before May 23, 2024. Once you reach 5 MYST in earnings, Mysterium will double it with an additional 5 MYST bonus. Please apply the exclusive Referral Code (SEEED5MYST) when onboarding the device with MystNodes. This promotion applies to each registered account, and only Residential IP addresses will be awarded.

“Previously, we’ve made MystNodes dApp available for deployment on our first triple mining device, SenseCAP M4 Square. We’re super excited to work with the Mysterium team again to launch Myst Nodes for over 300,000 SenseCAP M1 owners all around the world. It’s a step further for us to make high-quality hardware products and dApps accessible to the global Web 3.0 community.” Comments Joey Jiang, VP of SenseCAP MX.

How to Deploy Myst Nodes on SenseCAP M1

To deploy MystNodes on SenseCAP M1, you can do it with our SenseCAP Hotspot App or on our SenseCAP Web Dashboard. You can find the detailed tutorials here (Deploy Myst Nodes on M1 via Hotspot App | Deploy Myst Nodes on M1 via SenseCAP Web Dashboard). Read the tutorials, onboard Myst Nodes, and start mining MYST with your SenseCAP M1 now.

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