Winners Announcement for Show Your Set-up Event

Now is the time to announce the winners of the Event!
Congratulations to two winners:


Please DM @ to claim a Limited Edition SenseCAP M2 DATA ONLY Hotspot! And also big thanks to everyone’s sharing again! Stay tuned for more events and giveaways!

Meanwhile, there are more fantastic setup sharings from other SenseCAP users. The link to their setup sharing is at the bottom of this article.

1. kilias#0611

Professional layout, beautiful pictures, and outstanding average rewards. The original link is here. The sharing is as follows:

My off-grid setup:

SenseCAP M1 with solar kit panel kit and enough battery to run without sun for 5 days!

The hotspot is powered with a step down from 12 to 5v. TP-link 4G router for remote access and external antenna for better signal. Ip67 Box to protect the project from the elements. And of course 4dBi MacGill antenna with LMR 400cable. Installed on a mountain in Greece that oversees a town of approximately 1.500.000. Average rewards are way above the worldwide average.

I am presenting you the Kind Jetblack Chipmunk !!

2. mfaith#4970

Professional equipment with very high and stable rewards. The original link is here. The sharing is as follows:

My off-grid setup. SenseCAP M1, signal plus Omni, Victron solar charge controller, eco worthy lifepo4 50ah battery, 100-watt regony solar panel, rut240 router, buck converters. I fabricated the frame from aluminum. It broke the top 50 rewards worldwide a few times.

Above are the winners’ setups we’re sharing today.  Searching for outstanding hotspots for your Helium network and HNT business? Check our SenseCAP M1 and SenseCAP M2 Data Only!

We sincerely appreciate all the love and support of the SenseCAP MX series and always welcome everyone to participate in our community events.

For more fantastic setups from SenseCAP M1 users, please check here.

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