Call for SenseCAP Series Video Producer! SenseCAP Video Co-working Project Recruiting

SenseCAP MX Team is aiming to produce more useful content for users. Here announce the SenseCAP video co-working project and welcome everyone to apply for being one of SenseCAP MX Youtube Channel Content Producers and submit a video based on your expertise.

In the video co-working project, you will need to:

  • Use the SenseCAP M1/M2 hotspot and other SenseCAP MX products and produce SenseCAP introduction videos, around 10mins for each video
  • Share about SenseCAP product contents basic on your expertise, contents include but are not limited to product unboxing, hotspot set-up, dashboard/app/local console introduction, antenna upgrade, outdoor enclosure set-up, IoT usage, etc.
  • Edit and submit the final video which includes subtitles and necessary indications and could be directly released on the SenseCAP Official YouTube channel.

To apply for the project, you are expected to:

  • Be familiar with Helium network and SenseCAP product
  • Have advanced video editing skills and experience in producing videos on YouTube
  • Fluent in English and feel comfortable introducing products in front of a camera
  • Have sufficient time allocated in the project and be flexible to communicate with the SenseCAP MX team that works in UTC+8 time zone
  • SenseCAP M1 / M2 hotspot user, an expert in the IoT/LoRaWAN field, and who has a deep understanding of Helium network mechanism will be preferred.

The bonus you will get in this project:

  • $200-500 /video depends on the video content, quality, views, and user response
  • Free product samples according to the need of the video topic up to $1000 value
  • The first-hand new product test opportunity and product development information
  • Youtube or website guide traffics from SenseCAP MX and Seeed Studio

Co-working process:

  1. Producer submits video topic and script to SenseCAP
  2. SenseCAP sends the product needed to complete the video or provides a coupon
  3. Producer submits the draft video to SenseCAP, and SenseCAP provides suggestions on the modification if needed
  4. Producer submits a final video
  5. SenseCAP releases the video on the SenseCAP and Seeed Official YouTube channel and promotes it on different social media, like Twitter.
  6. SenseCAP processes bounty payment to the producer

How to apply:

Please submit the Application Form, SenseCAP will contact you in one week for a qualified application.


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