Come and Meet SenseCAP A1101 Vision AI at Embedded Vision Summit 2023 in Santa Clara, California on May 22-24

Are you looking for the latest technology in vision AI? Meet us at the Embedded Vision Summit at booth #701, and explore more about our SenseCAP A1101 Vision AI sensor

With the -40 ~ 85℃ operating temperature and IP66 rating, it is the ideal solution for challenging visual sensing environments such as those with extreme temperatures, power constraints, or difficult accessibility. Leveraging TinyML and LoRaWAN® long-range transmission technology, SenseCAP A1101 provides a low-power, low-bandwidth yet high-performance solution for outdoor sensing. With the SenseCAP App, users can configure the device in just three steps. The quick configuration and easy management make it easy for large-scale deployment.

SenseCAP A1101 supports various models, including those provided by Seeed, user-generated models, or models obtained from Seeed’s partner model providers. Additionally, it supports the Google TensorFlow Lite framework and natively integrates Edge Impulse capability, making it easy to teach the device to detect objects.

Moreover, to better meet the diverse needs of users for different AI application scenarios, it is also open for customization. At your request, we can help you build and scale your own AI sensor featuring reference designs provided to accelerate time-to-market, a rich collection of class-leading CMOS ultra-low power vision sensors, and Certification (CE, FCC, IC, RoHS, REACH, etc.). From concept to market, it will only take 8-20 weeks! Customizing your smart AI sensor is just one step away. Click here and submit now!