Now You Can Run MystNodes on SenseCAP M4 Square to Build the Mysterium dVPN Network

With the mission to make high-quality hardware products and dApps accessible to the global Web 3.0 community, we’re excited to announce the release of the Mysterium dApp MystNodes in our SenseCAP dApp Center, and now you can deploy MystNodes on our device SenseCAP M4 Square ( a powerful device to run multiple Web 3.0 dAPPs of Helium, FluxNode, and now MystNodes). By partnering with the Mysterium team, we’re offering this dApp that enables your SenseCAP M4 to provide dVPN to the fast-growing Mysterium network and earn additional cryptocurrency to increase your passive revenue.
Mysterium is a decentralized, open-source protocol and network designed to provide a secure and private VPN service. Powered by distributed MystNode (which powers and maintains the distributed network, providing VPN services and secure communication lines), it enables users to access the open internet and communicate securely. By leveraging blockchain technology and peer-to-peer architecture, Mysterium aims to offer a censorship-resistant, privacy-focused VPN solution that is accessible to everyone, regardless of location or technical expertise.
Mysterium Network in Numbers

To celebrate the partnership, Mysterium is offering 5 MYST (Mysterium’s token) for all SenseCAP M4 Square owners who get onboarded before January 30, 2024. Once you reach 5 MYST in earnings, Mysterium will double it with an additional 5 MYST bonus. Please apply the exclusive Referral Code (SEEED5MYST) when onboarding the device with MystNodes. This promotion applies to each registered account, and only Residential IP addresses will be awarded.

The partnership between MystNodes and SenseCAP combines easy-to-use software with top-of-the-line hardware, helping to lower the threshold for everyday web users wanting to get involved in crypto mining. Reliable devices like the SenseCAP M4, offer greatly improved user experience, giving seamless access to next-gen apps and global peer-to-peer marketplaces like MystNodes.” comments by the Mysterium team on the partnership on the official launch blog.


SenseCAP dApp Licenses

SenseCAP dApp Center offers 3 dApps, including Flux, Helium, and Mysterium, with more to come. Flux and Helium are free, while Mysterium and some future dApps require a license for activation.

-90-day MystNodes License $1.99

-365-day MystNodes License $6.99


dApp Status

Inactive dApp is installed and needs to be activated by purchasing licenses
Running dApp is running
Expired dApp expired and need to renew the licenses


How to set up MystNodes on your SenseCAP M4

Head to our Doc Center to get the full setup guide. You’ll need your SenseCAP M4 device, a stable internet connection, and a mobile phone. Download the SenseCAP Hotspot App using the QR code below.

Hardware Devices for Mysterium dApp

SenseCAP M4 Square-FluxNode & MystNodes (Dual Mining)

SenseCAP M4 Sqaure-FluxNode, Helium Hotspot, and MystNodes (Triple Mining!)