Vote for your favorite SenseCAP T-shirt design to win one! 

Hi SenseCAP Users,

Vote for your favorite SenseCAP T-shirt design to win one!

Below are designs for SenseCAP MX Community T-shirt. You are welcome to speak out on your favorite one by joining our event on the #sensecap-m1 channel in Official SenseCAP MX Community Discord Server now! Click here to join:

Simply join by clicking the corresponding Emoji number under the picture to choose your favorite SenseCAP T-shirt design, and we will choose one lucky participant next Monday and give away a T-shirt when the design has been produced!

Event time: 2022.5.16-2022.5.23

Deadline for material collection: 2022.5.23 9 AM (UTC +8)

Award announcement time: before 2022.5.23 6 PM(UTC +8)

Prizes delivery time: After the T-shirt has been produced


  1. We’ll cover the shipping fee for the prizes, but the customs duty (if any) will be carried by the recipients.

  2. All rights reserved by SenseCAP MX Team.

We sincerely look forward to your participation!

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