Share your IoT Application idea and Win a SenseCAP M2 Data Only Hotspot!

Hi SenseCAP Users,

Helium gateways have now been deployed more than 800K and covered all over the world, and we believe next step is use the network efficiently. Therefore, we, SenseCAP team, are planning to launch the Prime User Program program to encourage community user and industry to discover more application on Helium network.

We want find and hear voice from those people who can use IoT devices to solve real problem, bring better life to people, either by increase productivity or lower cost in specific scenario. As tech provider, SenseCAP will provide hardware and software support (with discount) to help them. However, the applications of IoT are very broad, such as environmental monitoring, asset tracking, garden management, etc. We want to start with the most needed application by hearing your voice, thus, we would like to get feedback from you, users in the Helium Community.

If you have any good application idea want to share with us, welcome to click the link below and fulfill the survey questionnaire.

Prizes: SenseCAP M2 Data only Hotspot*10 for Top10 best questionnaires selected

Survey collection deadline: May 23 9:00am UTC+8

Winner will be announced in SenseCAP MX Official Discord channel before May 30.


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