Enter our survey and stand a chance to WIN iPhone 14

Survey Link:  Please Click Here

To constantly understand customers’ expectations, the SenseCAP MX team kicks off the customer satisfaction investigation.  This investigation aims to collect feedback from SenseCAP M1 customers, thus if you are one of them, you are highly welcome to participate in the survey.

We also would like to use this opportunity to gift back to our beloved community. A rich prize pool is prepared:

 1. Lucky Draw Prize Pool

  • 2 x Apple iPhone 14 128G

  • 20 x Apple AirPods Pro

  • 200 x $50 Amazon Gift Card

2. Special Prize for attending our further Interview Survey!

      $100 Amazon Gift Card for users who are selected and invited to share their insights over a conference call.

      Make sure to read the following guideline before taking the survey.

  • This survey is for SenseCAP M1 customers only.

  • You will be asked to leave your E-mail address registered in SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard with a device(s) added, such E-mail address will be used as the only ID to join the Lucky Draw. If this is not the E-mail we can reach out to you for msg like a lucky draw update, please leave us your secondary contacts like discord ID or other E-mail addresses in the survey.

  • To maintain the fairness of the draw, you will be asked to provide the purchase record(s) of SenseCAP M1 Hotspot, order page screenshot, or other evidence that prove both your purchase qty and channels are welcome. We suggest you send us the complete record without any modification.

  • Your responses and all feedback will remain completely confidential.

  • Please be aware of scammers. We will never request 12 words. Our updates and notifications will only be presented on SenseCAP MX official channels as follows.

  1. SenseCAP MX Discord
  2. SenseCAP MX twitter

  3. SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard

  4. SenseCAP Hotspot App

  • The survey is open until Sep 30th (UTC 23:59)

  • The lucky draw will be live streaming to the public in early October, we will keep you updated on SenseCAP MX official channels.

Hearing voices from customers is always on Seeed priority list, we sincerely invite you to participate in the survey to help us review our customer satisfaction and service level, without you, we are never able to finish the puzzle!

Every feedback you give is essential to us, we appreciate your time and patience.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]


Hint: Seeed Studio reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.