SenseCAP Hotspot App now Available on App Store and Google Play

Hi Community,

Big Surprise! SenseCAP Hotspot App is knocking at your door. With this SenseCAP Hotspot App at hand, you can now build and grow the Helium network even more conveniently.

Helium App will no longer support managing manufacturers’ hotspots in the near future (March or April).

Now SenseCAP Hotspot App combines the functions and features of the Helium Hotspot App and SenseCAP Dashboard to help you manage your hotspots and rewards. You can log in to the App with your SenseCAP Dashboard account or register a new account and embark on the new journey!

Please Note that your wallet is safe. You DO NOT need to put in your 12 words to use the SenseCAP Hotspot App!

With a strong focus on IoT hardware, SenseCAP MX Team has been striving to develop and produce high-quality IoT hardware devices. Meanwhile, we have also put a lot of effort into providing our customers with software and cloud services to use the hardware devices more conveniently.

We are happy to share this milestone with you. And we hope the launch of this App will bring a better user experience to you! Download now!

For iOS

App Store: Search SenseCAP Hotspot to download the latest version

For Android

Google Play: Search SenseCAP Hotspot to download the latest version

For User Guide

Doc Center:

Welcome to share your feedback

Join the official SenseCAP Discord and jump to the channel of #sensecap-hotspot-app to communicate with the whole community. Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated! Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm!