Come Get Your New Helium Hotspot – SenseCAP M2 Data Only

Hi Community,

We’re pleased to share the exciting news that the SenseCAP M2 Data Only is ready for sale now, come get your new Helium hotspot!

As a gateway supporting the Helium LongFi network, M2 Data Only could help you build the local Helium network and develop various LoRaWAN applications at low cost while enjoying the benefits of being a part of the People’s Network.

SenseCAP M2 is now providing US915 and EU868 versions. The price for both versions is $199.

For the US915 version, purchase link and details are here:

For the EU868 version, purchase link and details are here:

Meanwhile, we’ve made unboxing and onboarding tutorial video to help you set up and run this unique Helium hotspot successfully, and here is the link: 

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