Announcing the New Look of Our Website

Hey Community,

We’re excited to announce the new look of our website! We listened. Our old website was looking not so well-organized and we wanted it to better represent who SenseCAP MX are- so our team has been working super hard to create a fully-functioning, uncluttered website that is easy for you to navigate.

A big thank you to all SenseCAP hotspot owners for your continued support and encouragement, for your feedback and suggestions through Twitter and Discord communities, and many more. It really inspires us!

With the new version of the website, new features have been made available. We hope you enjoy the new layout! Explore it now or you can read along to know what features that we love about the new version.

What’s New?

We re-structure the website and divide it into Home, Product, Blog, Support and Order Now pages. Taking it by and large, the update involves 3 big changes in Home Page optimization, new features on the Product Page, and the Support page.

The new Home Page is the pace for you to understand the overwhole hardware products and services. Here you can learn the most important and updated info from the sections of Banner, Product, Services (that we offer including SenseCAP Hotspot APP, Dashboard and Customized Hardware Design Services) and News.

Meanwhile we add an Intro to the Helium network, its infrastructure and solutions to the new Product Page. If you’d love to have a deep dive into the full-stack hardware and software solutions, you can jump to the page where we also showcase their applications in smart village, smart agriculture and environmental monitoring scenarios.

As for the new Support page, we make it a platform to host the SenseCAP Hotspot App, SenseCAP Dashboard, Docs Center and Help Center. We lay stress on the SenseCAP Hotspot App in the new website as an one-stop software services to all Helium Hotspot owners. It’s a tool to make your journey with the People’s Network a lot easier. From fleet management to reward monitoring, from technical support to remote reboot, all features that you care about can be found on the App. More detailed features of the App can be found here.

That’s all for today.

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Meanwhile, you can keep track of the latest news and information of the SenseCAP MX Helium Hotspot series through our official site.