3 Must Try Features in the SenseCAP Hotspot APP, Voted by the Community

Hey community,

Our one-stop SenseCAP Hotspot App has received tons of feedback and reviews since its launch months ago (It’s available in App Store, Google Play and Android APK). To learn more about the APP user experience, we launched a campaign to ask the community to share their favorate feature of SenseCAP Hotspot App during our SenseCAP M1 Anniversary Week (click here to learn details if you’ve missed out the campaign).

After a week of sharing and collecting, now we have the top 3 features voted by the community. See for yourself! In this post, we’ll show you all these features and the reviews from our vibrant community!

Top 1 Feature: Remote Reboot

Since most of the Hotspot owners own more than 1 hotspots, we added the Remote Reboot feature to the SenseCAP Hotspot App to save time and energy for the community to manage the devices remotely.

"I have to give it to the reboot feature... I saves time and money. You can set up your m1 at a friends house or somewhere else and reboot them from whereever you are."


"My favorite feature is the reboot option it's very convenient when your hotspot is far away from you."

Sifis Tannigh#6582

"Mine favorite function of sensecap app is reboot option if i have to choose what i like most. Generaly i think that sensecap have most complete product from all hotspot makers. Hardware and software is perfect."


"Definitely reboot, my hotapots are not home so this is THE BEST way to do it remote!"


"There are a lot of great functions, honorable mentions include the rewards metrics and validator connection. But the best right now is the remote reboot function. That could change when automated messages for offline hotspots is introduced. "

Al M#0187

Top 2 Feature:Rewards Trend and Hotspot Status

On the Homepage of the SenseCAP App, you can get a vivic diagram trend of your rewards, and also your Hotspot status (online, location asserted, deny list and more).

"I enjoy using many features of the Sensecap application. It's really hard to distinguish between these features. But I think I like the summary screen on the homepage the most. Because on this screen, I can access the reward information of all the hotspots I have added to my wallet with or without sensecap, and I can compare the daily reward amount. "


"I love the rewards trends because it keeps updated me about how my HS is performing and how much HNT tokens I am earning regularly, and the latest news option is equally amazing because I can get updated myself about the latest trends and what all improvements are happening in the helium network. Thanks SenceCap for giving such nice options in the app. "


"I think I like the summary screen on the homepage the most. Because on this screen, I can access the reward information of all the hotspots I have added to my wallet with or without sensecap, and I can compare the daily reward amount. Thank you Sensecap App! Happy birthday Sensecap!"


Top 3 Feature: Hotspot Info (CPU, RAM, Temp, Validator)

The SenseCAP Hotspot APP also makes it super easy to check all detailed and comprehensive information of your Hotspot such as CPU, RAM, Termperature, Validator and more.

“My favorite feature is the ability to look at my fleet at a glance from my phone!! I have around 30 out there and I keep a close watch on them. Having the app allows me to see status, check environment conditions, confirm the network they are connected to and even see which lan IP they are assigned. Even reboot! All of this within a clean mobile app UI. Great work sensecap team!! I'm so glad I chose you for the 80% of my fleet. By far you are the best.”


“Favorite feature without a doubt is the valadator section. It's how I know if I'm healthy for POC challenges or not. "


SenseCAP Hotspot APP, an One-Stop Platform to Manage Your Helium Hotspots

If you have downloaded our SenseCAP Hotspot App yet, here is a brief intro. SenseCAP Hotspot App is more than a maker app, it provides one-stop software services to meet various needs of the users. SenseCAP Hotspot App combines the functions and features of the Helium Hotspot App and SenseCAP Dashboard to help you manage your hotspots and rewards. From technical support to product purchase, all functions that you care about can be implemented on one App. You can log in to the App with your SenseCAP Dashboard account or register a new account and embark on the new journey! With this SenseCAP Hotspot App at hand, you can now build and grow the Helium network even more conveniently.

You’re all invite to download and experience it by yourself and share with us your favorite feature by leaving the comments.

Thank you again to everyone who got involved in this Listen-Your-Voice activity. Your support has helped and will always encourage us to work together with the community to leverage the usage of The People’s Network. Keep in touch and see you next time!

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