Some Quick Updates & Fraud Alerts

Hey Community,

Thank you very much for your support as always! And we appreciate your patience in waiting for updates, while our team is working around the clock to get things in place. We hope to get SenseCAP M1 delivered asap! Thank you for the kind help and support from members of the community.

Here are some quick updates:

Official Website Launch

We officially launched our website today! The only official website is

Production in progress
The first batch is currently under production as planned. We should have them shipped around mid-July.

List of partners to be finalized
We are in close communication with potential partners who will distribute SenseCAP M1. The list will be announced as soon as it’s confirmed.

We noticed there are some false news and attempts of a scam that may seek to obtain money and/or personal details. Please beware of scams implying association with SenseCAP M1 stating that they can accept pre-orders or any other marketing or sale activities related to SenseCAP M1. They are fraudulent. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

SenseCAP MX Team has never authorized any person, company, or organization to issue any marketing or sales news regarding SenseCAP M1.

We will announce the list of partners solely on these three channels: (1) official website:, (2) official Twitter account: @sensecapmx, and (3) #sensecap channel on Helium server on Discord.

Thank you.

SenseCAP MX Team

June 30, 2021