Share Your SenseCAP Setup and Win Limited Edition SenseCAP M2 Data Only!

Do you have a hotspot setup that you are satisfied with from the bottom of your heart?

Do you want to be the first to share your experience, like the top students show off their work, and get a unique and generous reward along the way?

Here is your perfect chance! Post your SenseCAP gateway setup and win the SenseCAP M2 Data Only Limited Edition Hotspot!

 (A glance at the prize, do you like it?)

These are all you need to do:

1. Join SenseCAP MX Discord Channel #your-setup:

2. Share 2-4 pictures and give a 100 words description of your setup(including your SenseCAP gateway, location, accessories, antenna setting, rewards, etc)

We will pick 2 favorite setups from all submissions to giveaway 2 SenseCAP M2 Data Only Limited Edition Hotspots.

( 4 contents you should include)

Here is the timeline of the event:

  1. Event time: 2022.5.9-5.16
  2. Deadline for material collection: 2022.5.16 9 AM (UTC +8)
  3. Award announcement time: before 2022.5.16 6 PM (UTC +8)
  4. Prizes delivery time: within 7 working days after 5.16

But there are 2 things we would like to remind you of:

  1. We’ll cover the shipping fee for the prizes, but the customs duty (if any) will be carried by the recipients.
  2. All rights reserved by SenseCAP MX Team.

We sincerely look forward to your participation. SenseCAP MX Team always cares about the concerns of the community and will spare no effort to promote the performance and user experience of our products.

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