SenseCAP M4 Square Supports Flux Fractus Node NOW

The Flux Fractus node is a Cumulus tier node that was born to increase the Flux network storage. A Fractus node can provide at least 10TB of storage. And SenseCAP M4 Square supports the Flux Fractus node on the Flux mainnet now!

Minimum requirements for running Fractus nodes:

  • A 1000 Flux collateral.
  • 2 CPU Cores.
  • 4 CPU Threads.
  • 240 CPU Events Per Second.
  • 9250 GB of storage on a single partition (Raid allowed).
  • 80MB/s Disk Write Speed.
  • 100Mb/s Download/Upload

Setup Fractus nodes within 4 steps:

  1. Plug a 10TB drive into SenseCAP M4 Square USB3.1
  2. Connect M4 to SenseCAP Hotspot App via Bluetooth
  3. Click the setting icon and Fractus Setting
  4. Turn on Fractus and click on Confirm to send the configuration

Now the M4 Fractus is open and the Fractus status is True!

About SenseCAP M4 Square:

SenseCAP M4 Square is a plug-and-play FluxNode powered by FluxOS that supports potential extension for other web3.0 dAPPs.  FluxOS is a revolutionary second-layer operating system that allows hardened dockerized apps to run on Flux’s fully decentralized computational network, making it highly resilient to both system failure and outside attempts of censorship. Powered by FluxOS, SenseCAP M4 Square provides easy and friendly methods to deploy and manage CUMULUS FluxNode with SenseCAP Hotspot App and SenseCAP Dashboard. To keep users’ precious data secure, SenseCAP M4 Square Built-in TPM2.0 cryptographic processor and ECC608 crypto chip protect devices from external software threats and physical theft.