Introduction of SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot Service Package and How to Activate It

SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot is a high-performance LoRaWAN gateway that allows users to join the Helium network and build IoT applications at a minimal cost. In addition to the Helium light hotspot hardware devices, the SenseCAP MX team offers the most powerful, secure, and low-cost SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot software package. SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot Service Package will enable remote management and effective Beacon, Witness & Data Transmission performance for SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot.

SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot Software Package Plan

Starting at $0.05 per day, you can easily deploy and manage the SenseCAP M2 light hotspot on a large scale with minimal investment and risk. You can purchase the SenseCAP M2 light hotspot software package license on the SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard to activate the SenseCAP M2 software to ensure that the SenseCAP M2 light hotspot provides continuous LoRaWAN coverage for Helium. We offer 3 plans to fit your needs.

  • SenseCAP M2 License Redeem Card-90 days: Redeem a license valid for 90 days.
  • SenseCAP M2 License Redeem Card-365 days: Redeem a license valid for 365 days.
  • SenseCAP M2 License Redeem Card-Unlimited: Redeem a permanent valid license.
Plan Quarterly Yearly Unlimited
Pricing $7.99 / device $19.99 / device $49.99 / device
License Valid Duration 90 days 365 days Unlimited

Note: license is only available for SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot!

Take advantage of the powerful SenseCAP M2 Service Package:

  1. Recurring billing, cancel anytime, pay as you go, down to $0.05 per day

The hefty one-time perpetual license for the Service Package that we charged on SenseCAP M1 is offloaded for you, we understand the uncertainty of the market, and you will need a more flexible way to adapt your usage and scale depending on need, not on forecasts. This billing model reduces the risk of large upfront costs and overprovisioning significantly, you only pay for the Service Package at regular-based and are free to scale or stop using services at any time with no termination fees. Unless you renew the license to activate the Service Package again, it is terminated automatically.

  1. Keep up with the latest software release for efficient performance

We understand how important it is to secure the device up to date to maintain security and stability. Seeed had developed a pipeline to hook the latest releases from Helium Foundation and enable auto-updates across M2 light hotspots, such a mechanism ensures the updates are deployed in place on time. Updates include bug fixes, new add-on features, and other system enhancements to improve the M2 performance on Beacon, Witness, and Data Transmission.

  1. Proactive 7×24 remote monitoring and remote diagnostics

Our service continuously gives you a closer look at the health of the devices – not just online or offline, but also detailed information like network conditions, uptime, CPU & memory utilization, and other parameters that affect devices’ performance. All these real-time data are gathered and shown on SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard to enable you to spot anomalies easily. What’s more, remote diagnostic and reboot will be activated to help to reduce downtime and increase uptime, this is critical to highly improve management efficiency.

Activate SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot

Onboard SenseCAP M2 to Helium

  • Install Helium Wallet App and SenseCAP Hotspot App.

  • Create an Account in SenseCAP Hotspot App and Link the Helium Wallet to SenseCAP Hotspot App.
  • Click “Onboard New Hotspot” on the Wallet page and select “SenseCAP M2” to onboard.

  • Power up SenseCAP M2, set up network, location, and antenna, and submit to Helium Wallet App for onboarding.

  • Add the SenseCAP M2 light hotspot to SenseCAP Dashboard (the SenseCAP Hotspot App user account is the same as the SenseCAP Dashboard ).
  • Now the device’s light is flashing white which means the device cannot provide Helium coverage. Please use the redeem card to redeem the SenseCAP M2 license and activate the device on the SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard or purchase a license to activate the device.

Redeem SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot License

  • Visit the License page and click “Redeem License”.

  • Scratch off your SenseCAP M2 license redeem card and scan or enter the redeem code.
  • Click “Confirm”, and a new M2 license will be added to the license list.

Activate SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot

  • Select the available license and click “Apply”.
  • Select a SenseCAP M2 light hotspot and click “Apply”.
  • Then the license will activate the SenseCAP M2 software.
  • The light of it will turn green and it will start to provide Helium LoRaWAN coverage.

Purchase SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot License

Once the license has expired, you can purchase it directly from the SenseCAP Hotspot Dashboard and apply it to your device without purchasing the redeem card again.

  • Visit the License page and click “Redeem License”.

  • Select the licenses and set Qty, then click “Checkout”.

  • Confirm your order and make the payment with PayPal.

  • After the payment is completed, the licenses will be created and you can apply the new license to your SenseCAP M2 light hotspot.

Now you can get started with SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot!