Deeplink Helium Wallet

Deeplink Helium Wallet

SenseCAP Hotspot App offers two ways to add a user’s wallet without requiring the user to enter the wallet’s 12 seed words.

  • If you have downloaded Helium Hotspot App, you can tap the DeepLink Helium Wallet button to add your Helium wallet to SenseCAP App. In this scenario, you can view hotspots information in your wallet and add a new hotspot to Helium blockchain.
  • If you don’t download Helium Hotspot App, you can add Helium wallet by entering your wallet address. In this scenario, you can only view wallet information.

Deeplink Helium Wallet

Add Hotspots To The Dashboard

Once you add a helium wallet to SenseCAP Hotspot and add the hotspots from your wallet, you will view the Hotspots, Activities, and Notifications(coming soon ) in the Helium wallet.

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