Guide to Purchase Coupon Code

There are 2 official channels to purchase SenseCAP MX hotspot.

  1. Official distributors for SenseCAP MX hotspot.  Check all distributors.
  2. Seeed official online store.

 To purchase SenseCAP M1 on Seeed official online store, 2 steps are required.

Step 1: Register at Place orders to get the SenseCAP Coupon Code. Your SenseCAP Coupon Codes are stored in you account on 

Step 2: With the SenseCAP Coupon Code, you can place orders on Seeed Online Store to get a SenseCAP hotspot.

We suggest you register at both and first.  


Since you are reading this guide, we are assuming that now you already have the SenseCAP Coupon Code.


Please follow up steps to purchase SenseCAP hotspot with SenseCAP Coupon Code on Seeed official online store.

#1: Make sure you already have the SenseCAP Coupon Code, the Code is stored in your account on

Please be aware that SenseCAP Coupon Code has 2 versions. 

Version #1: US915 version

Version #2: EU868 version

With a US915 version SenseCAP Coupon Code, you will FAIL to place the order for SenseCAP M1 EU version on Seeed Online Store. Please make sure you get the correct version of the SenseCAP Coupon Code. 

To check which version of SenseCAP Coupon Codes you have purchased, please check My Orders in your account on See the screenshot below.


#2: Go to the product page for SenseCAP MX hotspot. 

For SenseCAP M1, there are two versions you may choose: 

  • SenseCAP M1 US915:

  • SenseCAP M1 EU868:


#3: Add the correct version of SenseCAP M1 into the shopping cart and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. If you do not have an account at Seeed. Please register one here


#4: Fill in shipping and billing information at the checkout page, apply the Discount Code with SenseCAP Coupon Code. The value of your Coupon Code will be deducted from the product cost . Click “APPLY DISCOUNT “.  Then you are ready to place the order! 


#5: Choose the payment method and fill in the payment info.  


#7: All set! You will receive the order confirmation and you can track the order status in your account on

Updated on July 31, 2021